If you are supplying your own artwork for printed jobs we recommend that you read the following to ensure that the files you provide are correct.

Please call us on 01582 416171 if you are unsure or you require any further assistance in creating your print-ready artwork.


High-resolution Adobe PDF files are acceptable. Please use the ‘High Quality Print’ settings when generating your PDF, ensuring that bleeds and crop marks are included.


Please Preflight and Package your document prior to sending it to us. Also, please include a high-resolution PDF.


Please include all fonts and images used at high resolution and in CMYK colour mode.

Photoshop Files

Photoshop files should be saved as 300dpi CMYK PDFs at print size ensuring that allowance has been made for bleed
(see below)


Optimum settings for JPEG files are 300dpi and CMYK at print size, ensuring that allowance has been made for bleed (see below). Files should be saved with minimum compression/maximum quality.


Please save documents as Adobe PDFs using the ‘High Quality Print’ setting, ensuring that bleeds and crop marks are included.


All files require an additional 3mm of image per edge of the document to allow for minor discrepancies when cutting the final print. This is known as bleed. Due to this, we suggest that you do not place any essential logos or text within 5mm of the edge of the document.


For your peace of mind we can supply a PDF proof of your artwork. We can also provide a hard copy printed proof, however this will be chargeable. Please bear in mind that this may delay processing of your job.

Supplying Data

Your artwork can be sent to us digitally via email or FTP via our website upload system. To compress your jobs either use Zip or Stuffit compression. If you are posting us your work on disk, we suggest using Special Delivery to send us either a CD or DVD. You can also personally deliver the disk to our offices. Please ensure that you clearly label the disk.